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STEP 1:External check

Check whether the input/output wire is disconnected、whether the cover of the wire falls off and whether the copper wire is exposed. If any of the above situations happens, please go to your local vender to change the inverter or contact sales@eagleeyes.com.tw.

STEP 2:Inverter input wire check

Inverter input wire has two types. One has joints with plastic cover and the other has bare wire exposed.
When connect to the power, we must make sure the plastic cover is not missing (for the first type) / use isolation tape or terminal clip to connect with the bare wire (for the second type). As shown in the pictures below, the red wire is anode (+) and the black wire is cathode (-).
Joints with plastic cover Bare wire

Make sure the wires connect to the car well to avoid the disconnection arises from the vibration during driving.
The range of input power:DC 10V-15V
Use an input power within the range to make sure normal operation of the inverter.

STEP 3Inverter output wire check

Inverter output wire is the white plug which could endure high voltage and has dummy-proof design. When connecting with the jack that links with the circular tube, do not push too hard if the plug and jack couldn’t connect but to reverse 180∘to connect again since the connection is directional.

The high voltage wire set needs to be kept within the lamp.
The rubber stopper has to be installed well on the bottom of the lamp to seal the lamp.
High voltage is dangerous and the voltage of the wire set ranges from 500V to 1000V.
When the inverter is working, people and any conductor must be kept at a far distance from the wire set.
STEP 4Light check

When the power is turned on, the tube would light up immediately. Check for status such as no light up、half light up or twinkling tube. When the above problem happens, recheck the installation and do the light check again. If the problem still happens, please disconnect the wire set and contact your local vender or sales@eagleeyes.com.tw. (After removing the new wire set, please remember to do the isolation when installing the original wire set.)

The inverter could be placed within the lamp or placed properly outside the lamp. In any case, the inverter must be fixed well to avoid falling off.
If there is any question, please feel free to contact your vender.

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