1978 Eagle Eyes Traffic Ind. Co., Ltd. was established in Tainan, Taiwan.

Started with 12 employees and a capital of USD 41,000 (TWD 1,500,000).
1983 Taipei office was established.
1987 Introduction of “Headlamp” production line and purchase of “Lamp tester” from Japan.

Products were officially exported to Japan.
1992 Headlamp first passed SAE standard, certified by Detroit Lab, U.S.A.
1993 SAE first certificate verified by AAMVA.

Products were officially exported to the United States.
1995 Integration of production operations into the new main factory building.

Purchase of HP MINI system and beginning of computerized management.

Introduction of “Universal Fog Lamp” production line.

Establishment of internal photometric lab to perform SAE and ECE inspections on Eagle Eyes' products.

Purchase of photometric machine from U.S.A. and CADKEY design software.
1996 Purchase of 3D test machine and CAD/CAM computerized design equipment to enhance the precision of mold designing.

E-Mark factory recognition certified by TÜV.

E-Mark first certificate verified by Ministerstvo dopravy ČR.
1998 ISO 9002 / QS9000 certified by TÜV.
2000 Loss of more than 70% of Eagle Eyes equipment and products due to a fire accident.

Restoration of production capability to pre-accident level in 6 months.
2001 Establishment of internal lab and purchase of “Temperature & Humidity Chamber” and “Rain/Spray Test Chamber”.

Introduction of CNC factory and vertical integration of mold R&D process.
2002 Establishment of R&D auxiliary unit (CAD/CAM).
2003 Establishment of a new warehouse spanning 114,000 square ft.

Introduction of SAP ERP system.
2005 Introduction of CAE simulation analysis software.

Full participant of CAPA part certification program.

ISO 9001:2000 certified by TÜV.
2006 CAPA first new part approval.

Purchase of “Goniophotometer” (LMT GO-H 1400).

Purchase of 2 color and 3 color “Injection machines”.

Establishment of the 2nd Tainan factory comprising of 5 new production lines and docks.
2007 Purchase of “Vibration Welder” (Branson M502HJ).

Establishment of U.S.A. subsidiary E-Lite, a distribution warehouse in California.

AQRP certified by NSF.
2008 AQRP-LAB certified by NSF.

ISO/TS 16949:2002 certified by NSF.

Establishment of E-Lite distribution warehouse in New Jersey.
2009 Purchase of 3 color vertical injection machines (Japanese MEIKI machines)
2011 Tainan warehouse expanded to 32,000 square ft.
2012 New forming machines 950TX added to enhance production capability
2013 e-Catalogue established, Web-site updated, Image Video uploaded Customer service APP completed, social network set up
2014 Moved in new office building
2015 Taiwan Excellence Award 2015

New forming machines 1400T added to enhance production capability
2016 Taiwan Excellence Award 2016

Products certified by NSF
2017 Taiwan Excellence Award 2017

Mascot E-Pal born

IATF 16949:2016 certified by NSF

ISO 9001:2015 certified by NSF

New factory built, adding 20 injection machines, 4 production lines and central material conveying system

Potential Taiwan Mittelstand Award by Economy Affair
2018 Taiwan Excellence Award 2018

Added reverse engineering machine

The roof of our 2nd plant has been covered with solar panels

ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental management systems certification
2019 Taiwan Excellence Award 2019
2020 Taiwan Excellence Award 2020
2021 Taiwan Excellence Award 2021